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Letter to Congressman Bergman

Congressman Bergman

1500 W. Washington St., Suite 2

Marquette, MI 49855

Congressman Bergman,

My name is Tom Rutherford and I am a resident of Crystal Falls, Michigan part of your constituency. I haven't had the chance to vote for you, but I am a registered Republican and agree with many of your votes after checking your amazing website. My family has three generations here, and strong roots in the community. There are many special things about this Northern land and people that drove me to invest all that I have in this dream. Dreams make ideas, ideas make action. I wanted to give you information about the Vacant Homes for Vets organization that I started and will be talking to you about soon:

Most MI towns and cities have vacant home rates up to 10%. These homes need maintenance, and need to be lived in, or they become blight for the city causing more issues and financial obligations. Crystal Falls has a major inventory of vacant homes and homes owned by people that are incapacitated or in the local Medicare—many whom are Vets themselves, and are losing their homes.

We have 30 to 50,000 homeless vets across the US that are looking for jobs and ownership of a home in a safe and affordable community.

I currently have commitments from three companies in the electrical, plumbing, and construction trades. These 10 positions are immediately available with paid training for a journeyman license in Northern Michigan.

With national or private funding of the Vacant Home for Vets organization these, cities can fill these vacant homes and needed trades positions at the same time. A five year commitment from the veteran to live in the home and work in their trade can earn them ownership of the home.

The simple facts are these empty homes, unfilled jobs, and dying cities need these honorable Vets who are looking to contribute to the good of the country and create a new life for themselves and families.

Senator, I need your help to make this very simple, but potentially large, life-saving project happen. The small fund you open will allow these cities to tap into that resource for the payment of the veteran's new vacant home. We will work with home-improvement stores, other volunteer organizations, and other skilled veterans to get the needed supplies and construction assistance through charitable giving. Crystal Falls offers 1000 megabit per a second Internet speed to all homes with—allowing a full industry of online jobs to come to the area and for Vets' families to earn extra income if needed.

Currently the website is continuing to be upgraded and I am working with a local charity to create the 503c legal status. I have out right purchased the first property on my credit card and took on personal loans because I believe in this with all my heart Senator. Please help me to make this dream of mine directly into a positive and building action! God bless you, God bless the United States, and the State of Michigan!

Sincerely, Your Faithful Constituent,

Thomas Rutherford

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